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A Message from Fr. Desmond Drummer

While the COVID-19 pandemic upends religious routines and expectations for parish life, I am encouraged because I know that church begins at home.

For those who, like me, live alone, it means that we must nurture our relationship with the Lord in such a way that when we join with others in the faith community the depth of our relationship and commitment bears fruit for others.

For those who live in a household -- whether as a couple, blended family or multiple generations -- church is not something we visit once or twice a week. It is who we are together as sons and daughters of God who lead one another toward our God-given purpose.

This is to say, I am not worried about what will happen to our parish. My pastoral commitment to you during the present crisis is that the parish staff and I will support you as you seek to cultivate your relationship with God as individuals, households and families. While this aspect of ministry is not new, we now have an opportunity to exclusively focus on this essential aspect of building up the Body of Christ. 

During this time, when we are observing curfews and spending more time at home, my prayer is that you grow closer to God and stronger in your identity as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Our growth in faith will, among other things, deepen our care and concern for all members of the human family and our beloved planet, our common home. The parish staff and I will support you. And we all will continue praying for one another. 

This page contains resources that will support your journey of faith during this pandemic. The weekly material corresponds with the Biblical readings of a given Sunday.  Select the identifying category or categories that work best for you and/or your household. Please know that there is no way you can do any of this wrong -- simply take the first step and let the Lord surprise you. 

If you have any questions or need some assistance, do not hesitate to contact Lyndon Batiste at Of course, I am also here to support you. 

When we gather together again at the Lord's Table -- whenever that will be -- we will be stronger because we used the time we were given to prioritize our understanding that church begins at home.

Your Brother in Christ,

Father Desmond Drummer


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