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Jayna Hoffacker

Program Coordinator | Justice and Peace Ministries, Archdiocese of Atlanta



In every respect, “unexpected” is the only way we can describe this project. The genuine interest that was shown by those we told about it. The people who agreed to contribute. The artwork that we chose in the course of one morning making our way through the High Museum. The fact that this ever got beyond being more than just an interesting idea.

More than anything, though, what was most unexpected – in the most delightful, intriguing, surprising of ways, was the unbound creativity we saw manifest as these reflections began to arrive in our inboxes. Our expectations were both subverted and exceeded and what was initially imagined as a focus on the interpretation of artwork has become a showcase of the multiplicity of spiritualities and sensitivities that make up our local Church.

In the end, what it shows is that while we are all living (and working) in this same Roman Catholic tradition, our approach to it comes from so many more directions than we ever realize. Our hope is that this project illustrates not only that this diversity exists, but that it must be cultivated and appreciated for the necessary creativity it unlocks.

Our starting points are divergent, our roads uneven and tangling, but we all travel toward the same horizon.

And so we thank all of our unexpected, discerning, and creative contributors who said yes, took chances, and made this project what it has become. We would also like to thank the High Museum for being a pillar of the arts community in our city. Kate McLeod and her colleagues at the High deserve special thanks for their support of this effort.

Our other hope for this project is that it brings unexpected guests into that community and that those guests may find themselves at home.