Preparation for First Communion

Bible-based | Family-led | Parish-supported



Preparation for First Communion involves the exploration of key narratives and passages in the Bible that relate to Eucharist, Christian life and Reconciliation. Additionally, a Scripture-based Act of Contrition further emphasizes the importance of knowing the Word of God.



As the primary religious educators, parents/guardians will:

  • Explore key bible narratives and passages at home.
  • Ensure child is attending Sunday Eucharist and participating in family-centered religious education program.
  • In consultation with the pastor (Fr. Desmond Drummer), determine when the child is prepared to celebrate Reconciliation and First Communion.
  • Initiate the conversation with the pastor (Fr. Desmond Drummer) to select the day of First Reconciliation & First Communion



The parish will support parents/guardians by:

  • Providing a lifelong religious education program.
  • Supplying resources that will assist parents in preparing their children for Reconciliation and Eucharist.
  • Referring parents/guardians to additional faith formation resources.
  • Providing individualized support to address any special needs.