COVID-19 Update #7 - Request

COVID-19 Update #7 - Request

Thursday, March 19 | 9:40 AM

Dear Friends in Christ --

The peace of the Lord be with you always.

This is update #7 for the friends and parishioners of Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in South Fulton.

I am writing to make a special request. As we will be dependent upon e-communications during the present crises, we would like to ensure that everyone is receiving these emails. We are preparing to roll out a series of important emails and I would like for everyone to be in the loop.  

I kindly ask that you reach out to your friends and connections in the parish to ensure that they have received this and previous emails from the parish.

If they say "no":

  • Ask them to check the junk/spam folder for this email (subject: COVID-19 Update #7 - Request). They will need to mark it as "not junk" or "not spam," etc. and remain vigilant until they are receiving the emails in their regular inbox.
  • If they are not, in fact, receiving these emails, please ask them to send their name and email address to Dara Lee at [email protected]

I truly appreciate your help in this regard. As I stated earlier this week, we will remain connected as a parish family.

Also, please know that these updates are posted on the parish website. 

Since today is the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we are reminded that the Holy Family carried out their God-given responsibilities in the face of tremendous uncertainty. We, too, can continue doing what we must do. Earlier today, Pope Francis offered a beautiful reflection on St. Joseph. It's an encouraging read!

Be assured that I am keeping all of you in mind. 


-- Father Desmond Drummer