Church Begins at Home: The 5th Sunday of Lent


Opening the Scriptures at Home

The global Catholic Church is reflecting on the same readings from the Bible for the Fifth Sunday of Lent. We remain spiritually connected to one another as we open our hearts to the Word of God. 


1. Encounter the Word of God

Read the Biblical readings for the Fifth Sunday of Lent


Listen to the Biblical readings for the Fifth Sunday of Lent


2. Reflect on the Word of God

Silently reflect, write down or share your insights about the readings.

You may also desire to watch a video reflection on the Biblical readings.


3. Pray

Spend some time in silence and bring to your mind some of the prayer intentions you have.

Introduce The Lord's Prayer in these or similar words: Gathering our prayers into one, we now pray in the words that Jesus gave us...


Focused Learning Opportunities & Activities

After sharing the scriptures for the Fifth Sunday of Lent, consider engaging in one of the following learning opportunities. These varied activities provide encounters and experiences for people of all ages. 


Intergenerational Household

  • Have a responsive reading of the psalm for the day (Responsorial Psalm - Psalm 130).
  • After the responsive reading, invite each member of the household to share one thing they did in the previous week for which they apologize and seek forgiveness from others in the household.
  • Once everyone has shared, read in unison Psalm 130.


Global Discipleship (provided by the Catholic Relief Services Chapter at MBS)

  • Engage "Stories of Hope" for the Fifth Week of Lent.
  • Pause and think about how the COVID-19 pandemic affects vulnerable people around the world and our efforts to fund and support integral human development. 
  • Pray for the special prayer intention for the Fifth Sunday of Lent.


Early Childhood

  • Watch "Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead"
  • Enjoy the coloring sheet. Parents/Guardians: after the child is finished, label it "John 11:1-45"


Grades K-5

  • Watch "God's Story: Lazarus"
  • Kindergarten: Enjoy the coloring sheet. Parents/Guardians: after the child is finished, label it "John 11:1-45"
  • Grades 1-2: Enjoy the coloring sheet and title it "John, 11:1-45"
  • Grades 3-5: Enjoy the coloring sheet, title it (see above) and label the individuals in the image.


Middle & High School

  • Watch "Jesus Calls Lazarus Out of His Grave"
  • Complete the crossword puzzle and word search (see how fast you can complete the puzzles)
  • Watch a video from Catholic Relief Services to see how young people on three continents cooperate with their families. 
  • Listen to "Raised to Life" by Elevation Worship.
  • Add "Raised to Life" to your own music collection/playlist.
  • Listen to "Raised to Life" again and write down your prayer requests for the coming week.