Church Begins at Home: 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time



Video Message

With the passing of our beloved congressman, the Honorable John Lewis, let us learn from him this Sunday and reflect on his words and example. On June 15, 2018, Congressman John Lewis gave the commencement address at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). He invited the graduates to advance science, advocate for the marginalized, understand history, promote peace, care for the planet, and get in good trouble. His instruction is for all of us.

- Father Desmond Drummer 


John Lewis - Commencement Address

June 15, 2018 | California Institute of Technology | Pasadena, CA


Gospel Truth Podcast

The Gospel Truth podcast illuminates the gospel reading on each Sunday. The podcast is provided by the Vatican media platform.

Gospel Truth: 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Instrumental Meditation by Aleron Morton


Playlist in Honor of C.T. Vivian, John Lewis, and Other Civil Rights Leaders

Scroll all the way down to see the playlist.



Opening the Scriptures at Home

The global Catholic Church is reflecting on the same readings from the Bible on the Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. We remain spiritually connected to one another as we open our hearts to the Word of God. 


1. Encounter the Word of God

Read or listen to the Biblical readings for the Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time.


2. Reflect on the Word of God

Silently reflect, write down, or share your insights about the readings.


3. Pray

Spend some time in silence and bring to your mind some of the prayer intentions you have.

Introduce The Lord's Prayer in these or similar words: Gathering our prayers into one, we now pray in the words that Jesus gave us...


Focused Learning Opportunities & Activities for Young People

These activities provide encounters and experiences for children and emerging adults. 


Early Childhood

  • Watch "The Mustard Seed" by The Holy Tales
  • Enjoy the coloring sheet. (Parents/guardians: title the coloring sheet "Matthew 13:31-32" and ensure that Jesus reflects the racial/ethnic identity of your child.)


Grades K-2

  • Watch "The Mustard Seed" by Christian Kids TV
  • Enjoy the coloring sheet. (Parents/guardians: add "Matthew 13:31-32" under the title)


Grades 3-5

  • Watch "The Parable of the Mustard Seed" by The Animated Bible
  • Enjoy the word search.
  • Enjoy the maze.



  • Watch "The Seed" by Andy Matthews
  • Watch "Parable of the Mustard Seed" by Catholic Productions
  • Listen to "Walking" by Mary Mary
  • Remember to join the Emerging Adults Virtual Meeting at 7pm


Fr. Drummer's Playlist in Honor of C.T. Vivian, John Lewis, and Other Civil Rights Leaders



Still I Rise (Yolanda Adams)

"Shattered, but I'm not broken...Weary, still I press on."


Stand Up (Cynthia Ervo)

"And I don't mind if I lose any blood on the way to salvation; And I'll fight with the strength that I got until I die."


The Promise (Yanni, featuring Alfreda Gerald)

The tender wind that reaches through the years and sings me on through joy and pain; It breathes within me and all that I am it has written in my soul; I made a promise to never lose sight of the dream that leads me home; And this much I know.


I Won't Give Up (Richard Smallwood)

"Just like the strong of old who fought for what was right; I'll keep on fighting anyhow till the day I die."


Pressing My Way (John P. Kee & The New Life Community Choir)

"Pressing through trials that seem out of hand; Knowing that my life is in your command, I shall not faint." 


Ultralight Beam (Kanye West & Sunday Service Choir)

"We're stepping out on faith; His love is yours; In the arms of Jesus, saved; He is the risen Lord."


Glory (John Legend & Common)

"Now we right the wrongs in history; No one can win the war individually; It takes the wisdom of the elders and young people's energy; Welcome to the story we call victory"