Church Begins at Home: Pentecost Sunday


Video Message from Fr. Desmond



Instrumental Medley from Aleron Morton



Opening the Scriptures at Home

The global Catholic Church is reflecting on the same readings from the Bible for the Solemnity of Pentecost. We remain spiritually connected to one another as we open our hearts to the Word of God. 


1. Encounter the Word of God

Read or listen to the Biblical readings for the Solemnity of Pentecost. (Note: Sometimes the USCCB website cannot accommodate the high volume of traffic. If you cannot access the readings, visit the website at another time).

Scripture Focus: slowly read Romans 8:22-27 from the Pentecost Vigil. 


2. Reflect on the Word of God

Silently reflect, write down or share your insights about the readings.

You may also desire to watch a video reflection on the Biblical readings from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.


3. Pray

Spend some time in silence and bring to your mind some of the prayer intentions you have.

Introduce The Lord's Prayer in these or similar words: Gathering our prayers into one, we now pray in the words that Jesus gave us...


Focused Learning Opportunities & Activities for Young People

These activities provide encounters and experiences for children and emerging adults. 


Early Childhood

  • Watch "God's Wonderful Gift"
  • Enjoy the "Holy Spirit" coloring sheet.


Grades K-2

  • Watch "Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit"
  • Watch "Kid Bible Story: Pentecost"
  • Watch "Pentecost explained with LEGO"
  • Enjoy the Pentecost coloring sheet.


Grades 3-5

  • Watch "What is the Holy Spirit?"
  • Watch "Pentecost explained with LEGO"
  • Enjoy the Pentecost coloring sheet.



  • Watch "Discipleship" video from Austin Gohn.
  • Listen to "I Give Myself Away" by William McDowell
  • Watch invitation to the Emerging Adults Virtual Meeting at 7pm