Friday, April 24

Friday, April 24

This post was provided by Lauren Morton


Afternoon Prayer: Reflection on Ramadan

by Taylor Lawson


Taylor Lawson is the SAT/ACT Test Prep Instructor at Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School. 



by Ramy Eletreby


The new moon peeks behind the shadow

As will we

This holy month of Ramadan

We will step into the light

These next 30 days and nights

To expel our darkness

Bulbs we burnt out

These past 11 months

We now recharge, we reignite

Now, we make the choice

To surrender, to give ourselves up

And over to the fast

We abstain

From nourishment, from foolishness

To quiet our ego

That which ties knots

Tight and stubborn

Where they needn’t be

We let the fast work its magic

We lose ourselves

So that we may feel ourselves

Is that a contradiction?

Only in words

Which mean less now

We listen rather than speak

We recognize that silence

Is truly golden like the sun

Upon which we synchronize

Our clocks and our bodies

Our beginnings and our endings

We wait for the azaan

Its crying melody

To pierce the hushed night

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

La Ilaha ila Allah

We begin the fast

Then there’s silence

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

La Ilaha ila Allah

We break the fast

Then there’s sound

We seek community

The oil that helps

Loosen our knots

We gather together

We pray together

We nourish together

We unravel ourselves

To reveal ourselves

Like threads



Like fringes

Softly swaying

In the breeze


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