Thursday, June 18

Thursday, June 18

This post was provided by Lydia Regan-Chukwudebe


Below is a Facebook post I made about a beautiful day my extended family and I had at Demooney Lake in Atlanta.  I hope it encourages others to remain hopeful during these turbulent times.
God Bless You,


Demooney Lake

by Lydia Regan-Chukwudebe


There they sat, to our right and to our left, assumed by some in our group to be the enemy because of the color of their skin and the NRA t-shirts they wore. I was chosen to bring our closest neighbor a burger from our grill, which some in our group objected to, but I must always do as I believe God wants me to do. As I approached him, he looked at me with disbelief, and when I handed him the plate, the gratitude he expressed spoke volumes. He followed me back to our table to get some mayo for his burger, and he began to engage in a heartfelt conversation with the two Black men in our group, and the ice began to melt, and a flame was lit, and I knew my grandmother was smiling down from heaven. About an hour later, he gave us a huge fish he had just caught, and the ice melted some more, and the flame continued to grow. Two hours later, we had only caught one small fish, and either out of pity or out of compassion or guilt, our neighbors to the left, both elderly White men with thick southern accents, just like our neighbor to the right, gave us three of the big fish they had caught. One of them told us that his 72 year old sister was very sick and that he had to go home and take care of her. And as he drove away in his red truck, he gave us what my youngest daughter told us was the “Black Lives Matter” fist, and at that moment, the ice completely melted, and the flame was huge and warm and inviting, and hope was restored.....Today was such a Beautiful Day!