Tuesday, July 14

Tuesday, July 14

This post was provided by Deacon Frederick Toca



Parable of the Sower

(Matthew 13:1-23)

by Deacon Frederick Toca


“Some seed fell on rich soil and produced fruit, a hundred or sixty or thirtyfold.”

GOD’s word spoken and written conveys the Lord’s all powerful and dynamic presence in history as well as in our lives today.

Because we belong to GOD we can and do expect to experience happiness – even in this broken world. Yet sometimes we become anxious and afraid. We do not want to let down our guard.

But know that those who take time and make the effort to understand Jesus’ teachings and who live them, will bear fruit.

Blessed are those who hear the word of GOD and understand it, they indeed will bear much fruit.

Blessed are those who have eyes to see GOD working in their lives, they are producing fruit.

The Lord asks that we all go fourth and be fruitful.

He has given us all the answers in the soil of His word.



Frederick M. Toca

July 2020