Friday, October 16

Friday, October 16

This post was provided by Deacon Frederick Toca



You Cry A Lot After 50

by Frederick M. Toca


Once you reach the magic number,

the time line

Thoughts of life are deeper,

feelings more meaningful.

Certain little things much more important.


Heart swelling and eyes filled with water,


you’re getting older,

the children are growing up,

you haven’t done all those things

you were going to do,

maybe life has passed you by,

you can’t run as fast as you used to,

the world keeps changing -

inside and outside of your life.


And a lump wells up in your throat

to answer all these things.

Then suddenly small puddles, growing

larger, spilling over and gently

rolling down your cheeks.


You cry a lot after 50.......


Life is......

Making sure you’ve  eaten lunch;

saying yes to the right and sometimes

the wrong things;

Not always remembering;

Hurt feelings,

Being able to laugh at yourself

in spite of it all.


Love is......

Caring enough to ball you out;

Saying no;

Remembering the special little things; Putting up with life’s day-to-day


Feeling hurt because you do;

Tears rushing to your eyes when -

your heart reaches out,

you see love shared,

watching an old movie.


Happiness is......

Bringing life and love together in the

right measure and at the right times.

And caring enough about it

to cry.


You cry a lot after 50.....


Family........sons, daughters, moms, dads,

husbands, wives, aunts, uncles......


The same core of a million mixes

no one like any other, but the same.

Bonded together through genes, through

love, through growth, through

happiness, through sadness, through

feelings good and bad.

Flooding your emotions to overflowing,

with caring,

with sharing,

with laughing,

with talking,

with silence,

bring tears to be given and exchanged.


In love and in sorrow,

In joy and in anger,

Until removed by time.


You cry a lot after 50.


Tears of a lifetime - released

some for the first time

some for the last,

but all good.